Visitors Guide To Best Things To Do In Maui, Hawaii

Want to reconnect to nature? Maui is your ideal destination. The place is world-renowned for manifold incredible things and spots. It’s wrapped up with stunning beauty, pristine waterfalls, pleasant atmosphere, rich history, never-ending coastline, gorgeous oceanfront view lodging, sizzling cuisine, and exclusive collection of wines, and an infinite supply of adventure activities, ranging from snorkeling, whale watching, surfing, to kayaking, the Maui menu has a lot more to offer to the world’s traveler.

Maui- the second largest island in Hawaii is home to less than 180,000 populace and yet hosts more than 2.5 million tourists every year. Its stunning collection of beaches( you have 80 to choose from), lush tropical habitats, fascinating laid-back culture, and a full assortment of pubs, museums, and churches makes this place a huge draw for hikes and scenic drives. Maui- just one striking view after another follows and you can’t miss sightseeing all around the perimeter. Whether you’re planning a couple’s gateway or executing your first solo-voyage, in any way vacation to Maui is a balm for the soul.

From the best Maui beach dayout, forest hike, to sight tour we have assembled a perfect guide to “The Valley Isle” of Hawaii. Keep Reading!


The Epicentral City Wailuku

Once you reach the island the best place to kick off your Maui sojourn has to be the capital city Wailuku. Brimming with museums, pubs, and other spectacular places to explore, Wailuku is a notable touristy destination. The city is at a distance of 10 minutes from the Kahului Airport, thus the most reached out Maui destination for the visitors. The city has played an important role in shaping the country and is home to the most famous Hawaiian rulers and focal point of Hawaiian history.


The top sights you definitely can’t dare to miss once in Wailuku are

  • Maui Historical Society- A museum with insight into Hawaiian history.
  • Iao Valley- garden with tall needle-shaped peaks
  • Haleki’i-Pihana Heiau- Park immersed with an opulent history.
  • Ka’ahumanu Church- Rich in Gothic architecture and a historic site.
  • Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum- Showcases the establishment ad growth of the Maui sugar industry

We guess these would be good enough to spend two-three amazing days at Wailuku.
Let’s move ahead!


Maui Tropical Plantation

Sitting below the West Maui Mountains, this picturesque agriculture expanse is yet another thrilling Maui beauty. The place is home to more than 60 acres of tropical alluring fruits, plants, flowers, and herbs. Maui Tropical Plantation- offers a learning tour of how sugarcane and pineapple grow and also you’ll be blown by the heavenly-scented botanical garden which has vast assortments of loveliest botanicals, you would have ever seen. The Maui Tropical Plantation is a perfect family spot where you can take delight in a number of engaging and never done activities.


Windsurfing On Maui

If you are willing to make your vacation packed with some adventure, then windsurfing is for you. Maui offers the world’s best windsurfing and serves since the 1970s as windsurfer’s paradise, so once in Maui; you can’t surely miss to get soaked in an indelible experience of windsurfing. Maui Windsurfing – a combination of both the elements of surfing and sailing, which makes it quite a thrilling sport both among tourists and locals.


Jungle Maui Waterfall Hike

Be ready to get wet, grimy, damp, and relish your best times at The Jungle Maui Waterfall Hike. The waterfall hike is jam-packed with a lot of buzzing activities. The jaw-dropping waterfalls, swimming, mountain jumping, trekking, bouldering, scrambling, and much more just there to serve your adventure bone!


A Jaunt to Hana

Hana is home to some of the most amazing and magnificent spiritual sights. Explore something unimaginable at Hana, a place overwhelmed with breathtaking natural beauty. The full-day tour to Hana will take you to the most amazing waterfalls, cliffs, tidepools, and other marvels.

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