Why You Shouldn’t Miss Thanksgiving in Kentucky?

Thanksgiving fever is raising with the much-celebrated weekend coming closer to us. Well, we must have big plans to feel through the festival in its proper sense. If you are wondering where you need to be headed to celebrate it as lavishly as possible then Kentucky has to be the state you need to visit. Here, Thanksgiving and food get married so well that people are overjoyed with all the time they spend here. It is not just the food. It is the aura and the ambiance that is filled with pomp and happiness and it is very people driven. So let us have a look at things one must not miss while in Kentucky during Thanksgiving.
1. Louisville

A horse riding show, great traditional upkeep, and river cruise boarding with feasting are some of the options you are going to find here out of a myriad of celebratory functions. The day is prepared to have many people crowding the state with their acquaintances and a lovely environment is appreciated. The preparations start around two weeks, the feasts are arranged around the city for the people to sit together and laugh together at the table. Easy reservations are expected. Go fetch!
2. Newport

The point here is to enjoy yourselves to the fullest extent, without worrying about what to cook, how, and for how many. You are going to meet some amazing people who know how to welcome you warmly. The gratitude spirit just oozes when the Thanksgiving menu is enlarged and left at your beck and call giving you the freedom to choose from the surplus. In addition to this foody force, you can join the light and music shows that fill the air of Newport with much excitement making you long for the next Thanksgiving already!
3. Ashland

Ashland is a pompous travel destination to realize your way of spending Thanksgiving with your favorite people around. The local tradition calls for being thankful and sharing gratitude but in addition to that, the zeal also comes through when people here try to make some contribution to humankind by becoming of such ability. That is not to get thanked but to create a harmonious atmosphere. The display shows are quite loud and so vibrant that your eyes glitter. About the food, don’t worry, you are going to get mighty bites of sizzling turkeys everywhere. Plan ahead!
4. Lexington

The congested holiday spot is here for you no matter how busy it gets during this packed weekend. The schedule is tight and it is hard to fulfill everyone’s cravings but you are covered here. Apart from the family-style conjoined menu of turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, you are served with the best cuts of meat, barbequed or otherwise. The options for side dishes are plenty and you are going to get tired of tasting everything! Plus you are blessed with great Thanksgiving shopping options to crowd in later. Plus loud charity events are suspected. So relax as all things come your merry way!


So these were the interesting features of celebrating Thanksgiving in Kentucky. Each of the facades is well-developed and well-organized. Things do take place in order so people know what to expect and look forward to next. Foods, parades, shows, and bands, all in a hefty package are brought to you in Kentucky. The parks and restaurants are well-prepared to serve the enthusiasts and will take you through a roller coaster ride while you taste and smell the Thanksgiving auburn and fall smoke escaping out of the windows into the streets.

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