World’s Top 10 Unusual Hotels You Must Visit in This Lifetime

A comfortable, safe and clean atmosphere is something we seek for or think of when thinking of a hotel. Well we look for a home away from home. In this article, I bring you a list of hotels which are undoubtedly safe, clean and comfortable. What separate these amazing hotels from the rest are their unusual features.   Here are the 10 best unusual ones from around the world. Read along-

  1. Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria- Ever thought of sleeping in a sewage pipe? Well, Das Park probably has one for you. Unimaginable creativity of renovated sewage pipes which are clean and surprisingly comfortable. More of your own personal space of hideout, these pipe turned rooms are amazing stay for a night and a life time adventure.
  2. Capsule Kanda, Tokyo, Japan-Comfort and affordability in a capsule. This is what our next on the list claims about. A popular concept in Japan, the so called rooms in this hotel are loaded side by side and placed on top of one another to adjust space and look more like ovens. The idea being adopted by several other nations have become a trend so far.
  3. The Caves, Negril, Africa- Close to nature, taking back to those beautiful pre historic days, the Caves is one must visit hotels. Everything about this hotel is unique and serene. All natural with thatched hut like rooms with wooden decorations and facing the blue sea is pure heaven. You can enjoy exotic food and can go fishing and swimming too.
  4. The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania-If you want a week off from the hustle bustle of the city life and wish to go totally natural, The Manta is for you. Winner of the Innovation Award 2016, this place will bring you close to nature. With those beautifully crafted underwater rooms, you can image how amazing and pleasant it will be to sleep with the entire water life surrounding you.
  5. The Library Hotel, New York, USA-located at Madison Avenue, this hotel has a unique fashion of stylizing its rooms. The uniqueness sprouts from the very idea of decorating the rooms with the idea of theme according to genres of literature and themes.
  6. Aydinli Cave Hotel-made up of natural rock, some parts of the hotel dates back to nearly 750 years from now. Amazing picturesque, there are 14 rooms which are styled in super comfortable offering a view of primitive cave life.
  7. Tree Hotel, Sweden-if you love tree houses, you will love this hotel. While you can book yourself a room up in the branches, you can enjoy the sights of nature. Designed with sheer mirror look and fabulous interior design this place is like going back to the childhood days.
  8. Ice Hotel, Sweden-this is one common theme which you might have heard before but what’s unique about this hotel is that the hotel is rebuilt with ice from river Torne every November which gives you different and unique ambiance every time. Do visit it at once to know how it feels to sleep on ice bed.
  9. Kakslauttanean Hotel, Finland-one of the world’s best places to watch the Northern Lights, the Kakslauttanean Hotel offers accommodation inside glass igloos. Open only during Northern Light season that is from third week of August to the end of April, this place is something like sleeping right under the stars in an enchanting atmosphere.
  10. Liberty Hotel, USA-once a jail now a popular hotel has retained much of what was cell earlier but have designed the hotel so well that it is one of the best luxury collection hotels in the world.

So with this the list of unusual but fabulous hotels ends here. These hotels are strangely amazing are something every adventure lover will look forward to.

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