5 Fun Spots in Cuba That You’ll Love!

The zealous are born every second in Cuba. With its hot and fresh environs and maddening cultural experiences, it becomes a hub of tourism reaching its peak now and then. What stops you from visiting this vibrant country borrowing intelligently the facets of North American and South American panache?

5 spots in Cuba worth your Money and time

1. Varadero


It is a scenic beach with infinite white sands, crystal-clear waters, and blue skies to synthesize into a blank canvas of endless possibilities and induce slight reluctance for such infinity. Varadero is a breathtaking experience, a favorite of beach-loving tourists, endowed with good resorts, great sunny weather, picturesque boating activity, and delicious tropical cuisines that you will fall in love with. This thrilling combination is great for vacationing where you also meet cute sea creatures along!

2. Parque Nacional Viñales

Parque Nacional Viñales

Viñales valley is the lap of nature that contains majestic views of nature and not only that, it houses some of the best-preserved segments like this National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has numerous endemic varieties of flora and fauna and dark steep but flat mountains (mogote) which are of special importance. Another major attraction in the valley is the mysteriously gorgeous Santo Tomás Great Cave which is not only a geological upscale front but also inculcates parts of cultural history. If you love exploring, this is a must-try!

3. Peninsula de Zapata

Peninsula de Zapata

Flourished amidst extravagant palms is this peninsula in Cuba which enjoys a natural landscape combining flowing blue water and bulbous huts. Be assured of getting a full and close picture of all forms of flora and fauna, peaceful or scary, tiny or huge, colorful or camouflaging. The spot is munificent in every possible form of life and also provides natural swimming spots for an enriching outing experience! Because the weather here is hot and humid, a variety of life forms is promised. This gives tourists ample opportunities to appreciate bird-watching

4. Baracoa


Baracoa has a lot of historical importance for people interested in pre-Hispanic and Hispanic settlements in the Americas as it was the oldest settlement made by Spanish conquistadors in Cuba. As you walk through the town, you will find many fortresses, Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Reserve (a hub of biodiversity), Yunque trailing and camping experience, and the aroma of cocoa and coffee (surely a fulfilling trip!). Baracoa alone can help you realize the beauty of Cuba in more than one way.

5. El Nicho Waterfalls

El Nicho Waterfalls

The Sierra mountains roll down the fervor milky white water in an uneven stepped-fashion, named El Nicho, which also produces enshrinement of natural sea-green ponds. The place feels like a paradise on hot days and is suitable for hiking as well during calmer weather. The waterfall is timeless, so it runs all year long while providing year-long capable activities for the many tourists. Those who want to feel the cool splashes can dive in too and enlighten themselves with the serenity! Happy floating!

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Bottom Line

These locations in Cuba are filled with freshness and adventure spirits for you to take home a lot of memories. They are the perfect embodiment of greenery that makes for an unforgettable vacation amidst the Caribbean and Atlantic waters. The country’s unending truce with providing quality healthcare to its residents and international people deserves special mention. So, next time when you are on this gifted island, do not forget to go over this list of spots that are fit for fun-lovers like you!

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