A Day Out in Munich

A city of art, culture, tradition and history and of course attractions that will compel you to fall in love-we are here in Munich! Set on the banks of the River Isar, Munich is the third largest city in Germany and the capital of Bavaria. A place highly stuffed with stunning attractions and breathtaking sights that you’d find it hard to bid goodbye. A day isn’t enough to travel or describe the charm of Munich in a day as the city unfurls great places to visit and pleasant things to do. Here are top list of places to visit and things to do in a day while in Munich. Check it out-

  1. The New Town Hall: a town hall hosting the city council, the office of the mayor and part of the administration. Completed in the year 1982, this majestic building is ornamented with plenitude of ornaments and figures. The figures comprises of the Bavarian dukes, kings as well as saints and local characters. The building also holds a Council’s legal library and is run by Munich City Library. What’s fascinating is the clock with 43 bells which plays 6 six different reels according to seasons. It’s amazing that the smallest bell weighs 10 kg and the largest bell weighs 1300 kg. This place also has a tourist information center.
  2. Frauenkirche: a popular landmark, the Frauenkirche or the Cathedral of Our Lady is considered as a symbol of the Bavarian capital. This building was completed in the year 1488 and is serving as the main church of the South Bavarian province. Inspired by the gothic age, the architecture of the building is quiet impressive. It is on eof the largest churches in Germany and the interior is decorated with great artworks from 14th and 15th century artists like Erasmus Grasser and others. One of the interesting and famous features in the interior is the strange footprint in the floor in the porch. It is said the foot print is left by the Devil.
  3. Munich’s Residenz: the largest city palace in Germany, the Munich’s Residenz is the former palace or residence of the royals. A part of this spectacular building is now a museum. A great representation of the Renaissance the Residenz is abode to many museums and monuments. There is also a theatre called the Cuvillies theatre. The beautiful court garden and the pretty fountains enhance the charm of the place.
  4. The English Garden: or ‘The Englische Garten’ is one of the largest parks in the world. Started in the year 1789, it is named so because the lay out of the park is based on English country park. A great place for leisure and recreational games, the park is a favorite spot for cyclist and joggers. There is a Japanese Teahouse, artificial stream for surfing, a Chinese Tower, an open air theatre among the many attractions here.
  5. National Theatre & the Bavarian Opera: this place is considered as one of the leading opera houses, reflects the Neoclassical style and was built in the year 1818. The exterior of the building includes a portico with Corinthian columns and the porticos in the pediment are actually Apollo and the Muses. The sitting arrangement inside is quiet impressive with five tiers of seating in red, gold, ivory and dove-blue. Presently the building serves as home to the Munich Opera Festival held every summer.
  6. Hellabrunn Zoo: ranked the fourth best zoo in Bavaria, the Hellabrunn Zoo is a place you can’t afford to skip. It’s good to know that this was the world’s first zoo to group animals according to from they came. Sprawling on massive 89 acres of land, there are more than 19000 animals from 757 species. Amazing isn’t it? There are several footpaths, playgrounds and picnic spot in the zoo.
  7. The Olympic Park: covering an amazingly huge area of 2.7 million square meters, this is where the 1972 Summer Olympics was held. Presently this place serves as an important recreational center, earlier was the training ground for the Royal Bavarian Army. The park also serves as a stage for several popular events like the Tollwood Festival held twice every summer and winter. A huge television tower called the Olympic Tower of 290 meters was built in the year 1969 and named to honor the game.

Where to Stay in Munich: a beautiful city full of captivating sights and spots, a list of hotels easily accessible would for sure boost up the joy of exploring. Here is the list of the hotels-

Located near public transport and commercial area is the LetoMotel Munchen, close to everything in walking distance with great affordable accommodation is the Schiller5 Hotel, close to the train station and multi-ethnic neighborhood is Hotel Metropol. Some other great stays include Hotel Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, Leonardo Hotel, Munich Marriott Hotel.

A day isn’t enough though to enjoy this beautiful city because it has so much to offer. May be you can come back for more as you can never have enough of Munich.

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