A Mile-High Christmas: Denver’s Travel Destinations

As the holidays approach, Denver, Colorado, transforms into a winter wonderland brimming with festive cheer and thrilling events. Denver, located in the midst of the Rocky Mountains, provides a unique and magical Christmas experience for both inhabitants and visitors. From twinkling lights to outdoor experiences, these are six must-see tourist sites in Denver that will make your Christmas really memorable. So, get ready to explore the iconic destinations of Denver through the guide.

Explore these Stunning Destinations of Denver

1. Downtown Denver’s Parade of Lights

Denver's Parade of LightsThe Downtown Denver Parade of Lights is a well-known annual tradition that marks the beginning of the holiday season. This magical parade includes magnificently adorned floats, marching bands, and even Santa Claus himself. The magnificent holiday lights that cover the city streets, however, are the highlight. Denver’s downtown region comes alive at night with over a million glittering lights that adorn the cityscape. The parade is held on the first Friday and Saturday of December and is a family-friendly event that is sure to put a smile on your face.

2. Denver Botanic Gardens’ Blossoms of Light

Botanic GardenBlossoms of Light at the Denver Botanic Gardens is a must-see if you’re looking for a peaceful and lovely Christmas experience. The gardens are transformed into a brilliant wonderland with innumerable glittering lights and beautiful Christmas displays during this yearly event. Stroll through the lit paths, visit themed gardens, and sip hot beverages while taking in the enchanting atmosphere. It’s ideal for a romantic date night or a family adventure, providing a calm respite from the Christmas throng.

3. Ice Skating at Skyline Park

Ice Skating During the Christmas season, Denver’s Skyline Park transforms into a winter wonderland, replete with an open-air ice skating rink. This rink, located in the center of downtown, provides a unique opportunity to glide smoothly beneath the city’s high skyscrapers. Rent a pair of skates, hit the ice, and enjoy the festive holiday music playing in the background. The rink is open throughout the holiday season, making it an ideal activity to include on your Denver Christmas agenda.

4. Georgetown’s Christmas Market

Georgetown's Christmas MarketIf you’re willing to drive a short distance from Denver, the Georgetown Christmas Market is well worth the journey. This scenic mountain village, located only 45 minutes from the city, transforms into a delightful holiday resort during the Christmas season. The annual Christmas Market showcases artisanal sellers providing one-of-a-kind presents and delectable holiday delicacies. Take a stroll through the old streets, where you’ll find Victorian carolers, roasted chestnuts, and a festive atmosphere reminiscent of yesteryear’s Christmas.

5. Holiday Lights at the Denver Zoo

Denver ZooThe annual Zoo Lights event at the Denver Zoo is a great family-friendly location that combines animals with holiday happiness. The zoo comes alive as the sun sets with an astounding display of over two million lights, producing a fascinating spectacle. You may gaze at illuminated animal sculptures, enjoy spectacular light shows, and even relax with a cup of hot cocoa. The event offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the zoo’s enchantment in a whole new light.

6. Visit Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole

Santa's WorkshopFor an unforgettable family experience, head to the North Pole – or at least, the closest thing to it in Denver! The North Pole, located in Cascade, Colorado, is a magical destination that embraces the Christmas spirit year-round. You can meet Santa Claus, enjoy festive rides, and explore a quaint village filled with holiday-themed attractions. It’s a day trip from Denver that will leave kids and adults alike with cherished memories of a true North Pole adventure.

Bottom Line

Celebrating Christmas in Denver is a beautiful experience that offers a variety of activities to satisfy every interest. Denver has something special to offer, whether you’re charmed by the shimmering lights, enchanted by the tranquil beauty of the Botanic Gardens, or anxious to enjoy the Christmas spirit in Georgetown. For an amazing experience, don’t forget to lace up your skates at Skyline Park and accompany your family to the Denver Zoo’s Zoo Lights event. And don’t miss the North Pole if you’re looking for a whimsical adventure. These six vacation spots will make your Mile-High Christmas in Denver truly unforgettable. Pack your warmest clothing and prepare to make lifelong memories in this charming and vibrant city.

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