Air travel safety guide: Tips for flying safely during COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak has turned our worlds upside down, no kidding. Days of hanging out in the clubs, vacationing on beaches, visiting all different countries have now come to a halt and have been superseded with staying inside your home, working from home, and only heading out when it’s actually required. While staying cooped inside your home and working from home may feel a little tolerable for the first few days, however, being a normal human being that we are, having the same routine and doing the same thing every day can get a bit frustrating at times. And you know what helps you unwind from all that stress and mundane daily routine, traveling!

Although the coronavirus cases continue to surge globally each passing day, many of the worst affected countries have started to recover from this fiasco and are working their way towards easing the restrictions for various things, including tourism. Even though traveling will never be the same, at least not until the world gets a foolproof cure of this virus, for the time being, we can do our best to get used to the new normal and take all the adequate measures that are required to keep yourself as well as people surrounding you safe. If you have had too much of staying at home and planning for a vacation, air travel will probably be your safest bet, as the risk of catching the virus on an airplane is quite low but not all safe. That being said, we have rounded up a list of some tips that you must follow for all your air travel trips in times of coronavirus.


Carry all the essentials with you

Before this whole pandemic thing, the only things that used to be essential on an airplane ride were neck pillow, compression socks, some entertainment source, and a few miscellaneous items. However, things have changed a bit now and they no longer are deemed as necessary as this inventory list, which comprises a hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, tissues, a pair of gloves, and most importantly, a face mask. Maintaining a certain level of hygiene is one of the most important things to keep in mind for all your future travels, and these items will help you in keeping up the hygiene levels.


Wipe the surface using alcohol wipes

The coronavirus cases across the globe are increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore, you should take all the adequate measures to keep yourself from catching the virus during your trip. Having a sense of caution and taking precautionary measures will certainly make you feel confident about your journey and minimize the chances of catching the virus. Therefore, you need to be very mindful of things that you touch on an airplane as well as at the airport. Whenever you have to touch or use any surface and device like ATMs, escalator, etc. make sure to wipe the surface using alcohol wipes and avoid touching your face at all costs.


Follow all the guidelines and avoid human contact

The more you avoid human contact, the better your chances of making it out of there safely. Thanks to advanced technology and user-friendly automation, avoiding human contact has become a lot easier. Collect your boarding pass from the machine, and don’t forget to sanitize your hands afterwards. And as far as the food and retail outlets within the airport are concerned, avoid touching the common surfaces, always maintain a good distance from staff and others, and try making cashless payments.


Make sure to wipe down surfaces around you

When you board your flight and take your seat, don’t forget to wipe down the hard surfaces around you. It is one of the most crucial things to do. Using your disinfectant or alcohol wipes, wipe down the hard surfaces around you including the back of your front seat, the arm rests, the tray table, and all other surfaces where the liquid droplets containing virus can remain alive. Disinfectant takes some time to work, therefore let the surfaces remain wet for a little while.

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