Amazing Dishes to Try on Your Vietnam Trip!

Vietnam is full of amazing things that keep tourists busy. You will find ample things to explore and experience that ooze bliss and freshness of nature because of its sprawling verdant landscape. The country is also blessed with prolific water bodies that only add to the beauty and economy of the place. If you are planning to travel to this beautiful destination this summer, you will surely find reasons to stay longer. But what is even more exciting is the local food culture. It is packed with fresh ingredients and is full of interesting ingredients that surprise the tourists.

Here is a list of Vietnamese cuisines you can’t miss when you are in Vietnam.

Amazing Foods to Try While in Vietnam

  1. Pho

What is a food trip to Vietnam without its iconic Pho? It is lush with aromatic broth that keeps you slurping the noodles hard. What goes best with this one? Nothing. Because it is so full of itself, being packed with carbs, protein, minerals, and fats. All in all, this dish is a great competitor of ramen which uses a different (thicker) broth. Mint, bean sprouts, bok choy, onions, onion greens, jalapenos, parsley, and lime wedges, are among the usual toppings.


  1. Cha Ca

Cha Ca is a one-of-a-kind dish that you can only enjoy in the streets of the Hanoi Capital. You become so full of this sizzler’s magical aroma and taste that you will find yourself at the table back again. This is a pescatarian dish that is cooked to perfection between tasty and pungent herbs. The dressing remains strictly Vietnamese with fish sauce, shrimp paste, and peanuts acting up the elite. This powerful dish is enjoyed with chopsticks mostly.

Cha Ca

  1. Goi Cuon

The subtle and artsy addition to the list, Goi Cuon, is a Vietnamese dish that you will hop onto! The lighthearted rolls are made out of thin sheets of rice paper. You know well how much the Vietnamese locals love their rice! So this roll would have the usual seafood, shrimp, pork belly, and bean sprouts. Do you see how healthy this dish is? The dish is accompanied by a burning dipping sauce that compliments the simplicity of Goi Cuon.

Goi Cuon

  1. Banh Mi

This unique sandwich is a western influence concept as it likes to still stick to the idea of the sandwich bun that is used here. But you will find why it still has its roots long into the Vietnamese soil, for its fillings being completely Viet. Made alternatively with grilled chicken and pork, this would also have your favorite cucumbers, carrot shreds, daikon, all soaked in rice vinegar. Now it might come out weird to most people, noodles being in between the buns but that is what we have got here. Definitely not for mainstream lovers!

Banh Mi

  1. Bun Cha

Bun Cha is the authentic Vietnamese styling of pork-based meatballs. This one is a meatball dish where you won’t see your usual spaghetti but soft and soggy rice/vermicelli noodles that are soaked in the sauce. The beauty of the dish lies in the crunchy herb toppings, and veggies, with occasional hints of raw mango and papaya. It is an interesting mix of detailed ingredients that keeps all of us hooked!

Bun Cha

So these were some of the hottest Vietnamese food suggestions that one must not miss when they are in the country. It is a beautiful place to enjoy your summer vacations with the full sun and the rivers around. It is especially well to do in matters of culture and heritage preservation and the loads of outdoor activities that one gets to engage in like boating, swimming, fishing, etc. Come and enjoy the various tastes of Vietnam through these beautiful dishes.

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