Austrian Monuments That are Too Spectacular to Miss

The stunning landscape of Alpine Austria which rests right in the middle of continental Europe has an inviting historical monument assemblage that is an absolute spectacle for a tourist. Travelers are often overawed by the intensity of the built of such examples of beautiful architecture and the deep meanings that reside beneath their foundations. If you want to take a tour of such breathtaking monuments in Austria, here is the list of such beautiful monuments that astoundingly boast the glory buried in Austria’s past.
Always rely on local guides for the amazing steering through the tourist hotspots.

Spectacular Austrian Monuments You Can’t Miss

1. Hofburg
Where – Vienna


This was the official residence of the esteemed historical Habsburg Imperials or Royalty who were the cardinal of the seat of the Holy Roman Empire from 1440 till the 1700s and were revived again. Thus, the Habsburg royals formed a crucial part of European history. The palace now serves as the official stay for the President of Austria. This will bind you with Austrian history immensely and teach you various things about its role in the European polity.

2. Austrian National Library
Where – Vienna

Austrian National Library Where – Vienna

Daunting in the Baroque style of architecture, the library serves the great purpose of spreading knowledge through manuscripts, artifacts, globes, maps, pictures, digital works, and rare books. The national library is the most authentic in its presentation, interior, and tone which makes the tour of this place very grasping and enticing. You will come across a new subject on the museum premises, called constructed languages. This is separately approached in Esperanto Museum and Collection of Planned Languages.

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3. Hohenwerfen Castle
Where – Werfen, Salzburg

Hohenwerfen Castle Where – Werfen, Salzburg

Hohenwerefen is a scenic castle resident atop mountains. Constructed by the Archbishops of Salzburg back in the 11th century, the castle is made of the medieval hint of rocks. Its importance is attached to the local peasants’ rebellion which damaged it severely and also since it was distant, it was, for some time, purposed as a state prison. The wails and cries of the punished had been engraved in its legends hence the castle is now deemed chilling.

4. Austrian Parliament
Where – Vienna

Austrian Parliament Where – Vienna

The actively serving building in Austria as the Parliament of the country is a modern building in classical architectural style where Greek revivalism is an avid portrayal. Greek revival architecture is famously seen throughout Europe and in the United States. The parliament stood bravely against the odds of the second world war and was repaired back to its original glory. This kind of explains the importance currently rendered to the building.
For the right reasons, the structure presents an imperial council arrangement.

5. St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Where – Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral Where – Vienna

The cathedral is the house of the current Archbishop of Vienna and hence an edifice of religious importance, representing the Archdiocese of Vienna. The church was constructed in the early 12th century, which makes it an old building belonging to Christendom. It has sat across the test of time, witnessing important events in the history of the country of residence, and holds a lot of value for the local Christian population. The construction is gothic with some elements of Romanesque like the towers and the texture of the outer walls.
The interior is as grand as it gets.


Austria is a German-speaking country in Europe that loves its coffee, music, and sports. The flamboyant construction combined with its mountainous terrain speaks of the hard work essence that runs through the local population. Though the country relies on terrestrial sources of food mostly, its spirits fly sky-high! When in Austria, make sure to visit these stunning tourist spots to sense the great prowess of Austria.

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