Common mistakes to avoid on your Greece vacation

Visiting Greece can prove to be one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences for almost every traveler. It is an epitome of beauty, featuring breathtaking sceneries and landscapes, antique churches, lively culture, and all things exciting. Greece is home to some of the most fascinating cities and islands, which adds to the beauty of this nation and makes it feel more gorgeous. Santorini is arguably Greece’s most amazing highlight, which is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, featuring a rugged landscape that was a result of a volcanic eruption in the 16th century. Everything about this country is simply magical and enchanting, no visitor happens to leave this beautiful place with even a hint of disappointment.

While a trip to Greece is filled with nothing but fun, a few common mistakes can easily ruin your vacation, therefore, it’s best to avoid them. Making a few common and silly mistakes is a part of travel, but they most certainly can be avoided by keeping yourself familiar with a couple of things. Similarly, whether it’s your first time or nth time visiting this wonderful country, try not to make these common mistakes and stay far from trouble or confusion.


Not adding Athens on your itinerary

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is not just a layover in the country; it is certainly much more than that. Although it has quite a reputation for having bad air pollution or being home to rude people, you shouldn’t let these alleged negative aspects come in the way of you exploring the city. Besides being one of the oldest cities in the world, Athens is also home to plenty of tourist attractions including landmarks, historical sites, museums, and much more. While you should spend some time in the city, make sure you don’t overdo it, or else you will miss out on exploring some other important destinations in the country.


Flushing toilet paper

The country is fully equipped with plenty of trash cans at almost every corner and nook. It also has a very delicate plumbing system, featuring 2-inches of sewage pipes throughout the country. Flushing toilet paper or any other product down the toilet can result in the clogging of sewage pipes, which can even rupture as well, due to their outdated nature. Therefore, instead of flushing down any stuff in the toilet, use those small bins or trash cans that are placed almost everywhere.


Picking the wrong island to enjoy a Greek vacation

Another common mistake that most visitors make when visiting Greece is picking the wrong island to spend a perfect Greek vacation. Although Santorini and Mykonos are two of the most popular islands in the country, which are absolutely stunning and postcard-worthy, you can reconsider your options and pick an island destination that caters to your need and offers the perfect vibe you’re looking for. Greece is home to more than 6,000 islands, meaning that you have endless options to choose from, therefore, take a call wisely.


Pack the right pair of footwear

One of the most important things to keep in mind while packing is to bring the right pair of footwear. Everybody likes to look good on vacation and you definitely should dress up nicely, but when it comes to your footwear, instead of carrying your stilettos or leather loafers, stick to comfortable sneakers or any other footwear that is comfy and sensible. The streets of the Greek islands are not the most ideal place to wear your fancy footwear.


Touching artifacts in museums or at archaeological sites

Although most museums and archeological sites feature a boarding sign stating not to touch any exhibit present within the site, you should always refrain from touching anything, even if there’s no warning sign. Every site requires you to follow the rules and you should make sure to not flout them.

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