Exotic Foods You Need to Try in UAE

UAE is a place of possibilities. It is a hot travel destination for many travel enthusiasts around the world and is a much-raved-about place in all of the tourism sector. So when people make plans to see the majestic beauty of the local infrastructure and super welcoming environment. The magic of UAE is just too overwhelming to miss out on! So are the food options of UAE that baffle even an avid traveler because of its huge variety and inclusiveness to make tourists coming from all corners of the world.
Here are some exotic dishes from UAE that will stay in your mind for a long!

Exotic Foods to Try in the UAE

1. Fatteh


This would have your main interest because of the different experimental textures used here. The fatteh is made with many ingredients with crunchy pieces of bread on the side to go along with it. The list is long and so exhaustive including chickpeas, pine nuts, chilies, seasonings, oil, lemon, garlic, sumac, tahini, etc. This mix is a brunch delight or could be the great filling snack of the day.

2. Stuffed Camel Meat

Stuffed Camel Meat

The famous animal is made into various food items to be used by foodies. The stuffed meat is created into rolls and then stuffed with various flavorful seasonings and veggies that unwrap its aroma upon the first tear of the meat. It is quite a delicacy in the area. The meat is often smoked through and through before serving. It is packed with an amazing aroma and one should not miss it ever! Have it alone or with local traditional bread.

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3. Chelo Kebab

Chelo Kebab

This kebab would have you raving about it for days because of its sweet delicate texture that rewards your tastebuds in a wholesome way. What you get on your plate are two or three rows of Chelo kebabs with or without their respective skewers garnished till the aroma becomes sophisticated. It is given with a side of steamed rice and crunchy salads! The fat flowing on the skin of kebabs is a delight to see!

4. Harees


This is a famous cuisine of the Middle East hence you will surely find restaurants serving this here. The dish is brought up with white or red meat and is beaten together with loads of seasonings and wheat which gives it a glutinous stretchy texture. It is drop-dead gorgeously topped with flavored oil and sparks pure joy in the heart of devourers. The soupy harees might not look as appetizing to you at the very first look but it definitely checks all the boxes!

5. Madrouba


Madrouba is a wholesome mix of grains and protein which attracts foodie tourists as nothing else does. Done with fragrant rice and juicy chicken to achieve a silk consistency resembling porridge, this dish speaks of spoiling luxury and is decadent from every angle because of its unparalleled sumptuousness. The comfort lies in the aroma and the smooth texture of the Madrouba which cures all your problems with its extravagance.


The final food epic journey in UAE would culminate in a satisfying tour. The tasty delights of UAE would be loved by the tourists in a wholesome way. These dishes have a lot of flavor in them which comes with the uncanny Asian spices that the place specializes in. UAE may import much of the food items from nearby resourceful countries. The sceneries are great for explorations and you will love every part of it! You will see that the food has been absorbed well into the customs of the locals. Also, you will find the authentic cuisines of different countries served here, so you don’t end up missing them. Great time is promised here!

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