Interesting Facts About Lithuanian Christmas Traditions

Lithuania is a small country in the Baltic Sea that is endowed with beautiful natural landscapes. Likewise, it honors the festivals of the region in the most high-spirited way that is very welcoming and superbly traditional in approach. This also explains why the locals are the happiest lot in the whole of the Baltic.
As the Christmas festival is nearing, we see that more people are planning to make interesting travel plans. Christmas traditions become more noticeable and fragrant when you come to Lithuania. Christmas Eve in Lithuania is pretty pronounced and you will surely come across beautiful traditions that mark the onset of Christmas.
Let us see the interesting facts about Lithuanian Christmas Traditions.

Interesting Information Regarding Lithuanian Christmas Customs

1. Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas dinner with friends and family sitting around the table is a very cherished Christmas tradition followed for a long time in Lithuania. So people would love to travel to their homes back in town or gather at a family member’s place and engage in arrangements for eating and spending time together. This seems to be much more elegantly and ardently followed in Lithuania. O when you are visiting the place, expect your local friend to take you to such warm gatherings. By the end of dinner, you would also see people unwrapping their presents or the next morning.

2. Snowy Christmas

Christmas eve in Lithuania becomes special multi folds when there is white Christmas. The people here love it immensely when it snows heavily because it is sort of a precursor to the Christmas spirit for them. Kind of initiator. So, if you’re in Lithuania when it has snowed for a few days heavily, you can expect more fun activities and more decorations. The themes would differ and the huge contrast of colors and lights would be astounding in the panorama. Snowy Christmas is a big thing here and revives the zeal within.

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3. 12 Dishes

Christmas eve dinner is made with some special efforts and done in an orderly fashion to attach intricately the value the locals cherish. The holiday household prepares 12 dishes for the dinner and these 12 dishes representations of the 12 disciples of Jesus and also the 12 months of the year. The dishes thus prepared are complete, wholesome, and colorful in every respect. No doubt you will be pulled towards such an appetizing dinner table. When you are in the country, make sure to find eateries that offer an ambient full-meal dining experience.

4. Larger Christmas Trees

Larger Christmas Trees

Larger-than-life Christmas trees are pretty evident on the Lithuanian soil because people love to do such decorations on a bigger scale. Traditionally, a very pompous arrangement is the norm for Christmas which is why you are going to see this most often here. In the bigger cities, the size of these well-decorated and lit-up Christmas trees goes even bigger. So now you know where all the lights are radiating from. It is that giant light-filled Christmas tree again. Mostly, the trees are done entirely with lights that make them shine through the dark snowy night.

5. Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

People in Lithuania during the Christmas season or holiday season love to soak up mulled wine by the fireplace. Believe it or not, it is very much part of the esteemed tradition that is backed by the locals here. So, once everyone has settled with a hefty dinner, expect people to engage in some warming mulled wine that is spiced with nutmeg cinnamon, ginger, star anise, and lemon and made perfect for the cold weather outside. It is so warming and enticing that you are going to find yourself, addicted, too after your sweet travel back home.


You are going to take with you a lot of beautiful memories of Christmas. Your merry Christmas would be spent merrily in Lithuania with the warming traditions that are being followed here. It goes without saying to experience Lithuanian Christmas closely, you would have to come to this country and see for yourself how well people do the festivities. So, these points will give you an idea of how this festival is celebrated in the country and why you must visit the same during your favorite holiday season. Are you motivated to wrap your holiday season in the most traditional way possible? Come to Lithuania and taste it yourself!

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