Seattle’s Top 5 Luxurious Hotels

Seattle is situated in the northern region of the US and is known for its various qualities. It has big tech industries like Microsoft and Amazon. The lifestyle of Seattle’s people is similar to NYC. They also love nightlife. In terms of hotels, it stands in a good position. The city is famous for its lush, evergreen forests. This comes in top metropolis cities, too. The hotels in this city offer a tremendously luxurious experience to their guests, and the locations of all these hotels are prime. The list we have mentioned here is the best hotel in terms of everything.

Here are the Top Hotels in Seattle

1. The Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel

The hotel has 147 rooms with an inviting interior touched with Italian flooring. The hotel has a team of 50+ members, which ensures complete satisfaction for you during your stay. The hotel has a cozy and warm lobby interior, which makes it look more luxurious. The rooms have large windows and curtains placed all the way from the ceiling to the floor. The bathrooms in the rooms are large and give an airy feel to the occupants. You can make an advanced booking on the website for an easy check-in. 

2. The Sorrento Hotel

Sorrento Hotel

The hotel has 76 rooms with 42-inch LED TVs fitted in each room for their guests. The hotel has modern amenities, and the food in this place is fantastic. The parking facility is also excellent. Velvets are always there to assist you in parking your car. The hotel also offers a community hall for big events and functions where you can throw parties and do events. The hotel has a swimming pool for both children and adults. As soon as you enter the hotel lobby, you will be welcomed by the staff with welcome drinks in their hands.

3. Hotel 1000, LXR Hotels and Resorts

Hotel 1000

This hotel has almost everything a hotel should have. The size of the rooms is adequate, and you can easily roam inside the room while staying at this beautiful property. The hotel has around 100 rooms, and you can choose it according to the direction and floor you want. The hotel has dedicated restaurants for non-occupants in the hotel. The staff is dedicated to their tasks, which ensures satisfaction in every aspect. The hotel has a good image in the city and is known for its exemplary hospitality.

4. Lotte Hotel

Lotte Hotel

This hotel is located in the Central Business District. The property has a spa and pool, with a dedicated sitting area within the pool. The staff offers good service to its customers, and therefore they have a dedicated team and never disappoint their customers. The interior of the hotel has good Italian and wooden mixtures, which elevate the whole lobby. The lights used in the interior are also focusing rays. The rooms are spacious and give an airy feel. The beds are comfy and king-sized.

5. The State Hotel

The State Hotel

The State Hotel is in downtown Seattle, and talking about the infrastructure, it is just on another level. The exterior of this hotel is gorgeous. The staff of this hotel has beautiful outfits, and the food is delicious. They serve almost all types of food, and each item is delicious in terms of both quantity and quality. The interior is well designed by the designers so that each and every corner will shine like it’s new.  The pool on the rooftop is enormous and adorable in practicality. You should better book your room in advance.

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Seattle is home to big tech industries, and it is also prominent in terms of hospitality. And when we are talking about hospitality, the hotels in this city come to mind. The greenery of this place is remarkable and adorable. The experience these hotels provide is just unique. Choosing one from all of them is a difficult task, but if you keep your priorities in mind, you can easily select one from them. The prices of all these hotels are high, but they also offer an equal number of services.

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