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Dubai is all full of wonders and it never cease to impress anyone who visits the city. Ever thought of flying over the mighty Burj Khalifa and land on the azure sea? With Seawings you no longer need to imagine, because you can! Take a tour to rediscover the magic of Dubai while you fly across the city, enjoying the sun kissed golden sands and the marvelous architectural phenomenon. Seawings brings you the most exciting and unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Seawings is a luxury seaplane tour operator offering air tours to destinations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Covering over 20 destinations in UAE, this scenic tour aims to provide a complete fun and thrill package of the spectacular view of the extravagant city. The lofty sky touching buildings and the azure sea is a manifestation in itself of the charm and lifestyle of the beautiful city. Apart from the fabulous air tours across scenic locations, Seawings also provides private charters which are customized keeping in mind the comfort and need of the guests. These private charters use 27 fully licensed water landing planes across Emirates. A fun packed family vacation, a romantic holiday or a business trip, the Seawings services are effortlessly the best trip idea you can gift yourself.

Dubai Tours

With Seawings Silver Seaplane, experience your pulse rate soar high with excitement running errand while you take this 40 minute trip flying across the shimmering sea and the man made marvels. You can choose your take off spot among Dubai Creek or Jebel Ali. Fly high and then land on the sea. The most popular among the sightseeing tours, Silver Seaplane’s tours are designed in a manner that includes all Dubai’s spectacular attractions.

Peeping through the large windows nesting along each seat, you can gaze at the beautiful Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab Hotel, The World Islands Dubai Creek, Port Rashid and of course across Dubai Marina. The trip returns to the coast towards Jumeirah and Dubai and finally from where you started. One tour per adult guest is AED 1,695 (USD 462) and AED 1,440 (USD 392) per child.

Dubai Combo Offer:

Seaplane & Private Heritage Tour

A perfect blend of sightseeing on air and exploring the cultural side of Dubai on ground, the 40 minute air journey boasts of the beauty and glory of the unknown history of Dubai and the lesser explored sights of the city. A breathtaking view of the Dubai Creek, Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jemeirah, a glance of the World Islands will never cease to impress you. While you enjoy a toothsome savory at Al Bastakiya, listen to the Arabic tales so soothing and epic. Exploring the Dubai Museum, your trip ends at Dubai Mall. Bookings per adult are AED 2,375 (USD 648) and AED 2,015 (USD 549) per child.

Seaplane Tour & Al Maha Wildlife Drive

The medley of the splendid view of the city and the natural reserves in a 40 minute span is something to be treasured for a life time. Witnessing the blue sea and flying over the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jemeirah and the World Island, get ready to skip a beat as you almost touch the waters near the Dubai Creek. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa is your next stop while you get transferred by a private car. Get a taste of culture wrapped in the adventures awaiting in the deserts, while you are set for the next trip towards the deserts where you get to view the wild life. Guided by a local expert, the views of the Arabian Oryx is simply so serene. The afternoon brings you to the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa where you can rejuvenate your senses with a soothing spa (extra chargeable). With the sun setting down, its time you move to your preferred location in Dubai. The tour cost AED 2,675 (USD 729) per adult.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Tours

Seaplane Flight & Ferrari World

The journey starts at Dubai Creek Golf and Yatch Club where a Cessna aircraft would take you off having you awed at the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Flying over the azure sea and praising the beauty of the Palm Jumeirah Islands and the Burj Al Arab, you are sure to get stunned by this mesmerizing view. Gazing over the World Islands and heading towards Abu Dhabi, experience a journey of a lifetime at Yas Islands and landing over the blue waters of the Yas Marina. Your next spot of excitement awaits at Ferrari World where a virtual experience of the Ferrari factory and the jet speed roller coaster rides will make you go wild. You can spend your time at the Ferrari themed stores or satisfy hunger at one of the restaurants. By the end of the day, you are ready to get back to Dubai by car. This wonder trip cost AED 1,575 (USD 429) per adult and AED 1,835 (USD 377) per child.

Abu Dhabi Tour

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi tour is worth the try. Experience the thrill of touching the sea at close proximity while you soar in the sky like a bird, the luxury Cessna seaplane will fly you over the waters at Yas Marina, gazing at the wonderful minarets and architectural marvels. A letter of perfection and awe inspiring structures, you get to admire the lofty beauties and the facades. Exploring over the mangroves and the shoreline, the Emirates Palace Hotel is just close to you when you peep through that big window of yours. A view of the Corniche Road and the serene beach sprawls for about 4 miles. A sure thing to try! The trip is priced AED 895 (UDS 244) per adult and AED 760 (USD 207) per child.

Abu Dhabi Combo Tours:

Seaplane Tour & Private Discovery Tour

Iconic Yas Island and the shimmering waters of the Yas Marina is what you are about to witness. The trip includes fantastic views of the mangrove forests the irresistible beauty of the Corniche Road, the alluring sight of the domes of the Emirates Palace from above. Anyone looking for pleasure and thrill together, search no further! Next you can take a stroll to the glances of the city guided by your private guide. The palaces that you are about to encounter are all set to take you away to a timeless journey of the ancient Arab culture and glory. Interesting to mention, the highest course to your trip is the visit to Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque memories of which you will ruminate at the Emirates Palace. This wonderful trip is priced AED 1,675 (UDS 456) per adult and AED 1,425 (USD 388) per child.

Seaplane Tour & Ferrari World

Gliding across the city’s marvels and the monuments and attractions of Abu Dhabi, your journey takes off over the pleasing waters at Yas Marina. The lush green gardens of Emirates Place Hotel and the ever enchanting sight of the Corniche Road, you’d fall in love with this trip. Following this trip would be your next stop at the Ferrari World where you’d get to see the wonders of the Ferrari factory virtually with popular roller coaster rides where you will nearly skip a beat. After these fun adventures, you might stroll about in the Ferrari themed park or get a grub and finally off to Dubai by car. The journey is priced AED 1,275 (USD 347) per adult.

Seaplane Flight & Private Heritage Tour

Live the passion of flying while you start your journey by taking off at the glazing waters at Yas Marina. While you click on a view or a selfie in your aerial cabin, see through the magnificent view of the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands. You would realize its pure adventure of a lifetime when you almost touch the waters of the Dubai Creek. Next you are guided by a local guide to the Private Heritage Tour of Dubai. Starting from the historic pages of the city to the popular spice market, witness the city’s most old and historic realm. The historical notes of the Dubai Museum are what you get to experience next. Enjoying some personal time while you dine at Al Bastakiya, heading back to Abu Dhabi in a luxury car is a beautiful end to this journey. The trip costs AED 1,975 (USD 539) per adult and AED 1,689 (USD 458) per child.

Dubai Scenic Charters

An amazing idea for a private tour, Seawings offers Seawings Gold Experience for that private tour times of yours when you choose nothing but fly. It’s an experience worth repeating when you fly over the magnificent sky ruling monuments and the azure sea, as they gaze back at you.

With special package designed for every unique guest, there are three brilliant choices of tour packages to pick from. The best part is you get everything customized according to personal refinement and likings.


Seawings Jebel Ali Gold

A full charter flight of all popular monuments of Dubai, this luxurious seaplane offers you breathtaking views of the wonderful city, its marvels and the sky blue sea. The fabulous water take offs and a journey specially designed for you and your up personal friends is what you wouldn’t like to miss on. The splendid journey ends with a transfer to limousine once you land. The journey is priced AED 13,500 (USD 3,678) per charter

Seawings Dubai Creek Gold

The feeling excitement and awe never leaves you while you are in Dubai. This feeling is further enhanced by this amazing journey while you take off on Dubai Creek Gold. Witnessing the charm of the Dubai Creek, your journey heads towards Dubai’s sky soaring monuments and the sea. A day out in admiring the aerial view of the city, your journey ends with a limousine transfer. The tour is priced at AED 13,500 (USD 3,678) per charter

Seawing World Journey Gold

Your journey starts from a thrilling take off from Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Creek and flying you across the magnificent monuments of the city. A peep into the heritage of the glorious past is a unique part of this journey and finally over the World Islands. The trip is priced at AED 15,500 (USD 4,223) per charter

Dubai never fails to amaze anyone who happens to visit once. Seawings aims to enhance this unique feeling through its services taking the Dubai experience altogether to a new height.

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