Sweet and Simple Things to do on a Long Train Journey

What if you have an extremely long train journey? Are you just going to be there and look out of the window or maybe listen to music? There are beautiful sceneries if you are going through the countryside that would keep you occupied for some time but at the same time, you would get bored of the scenery or the music after a while. The journey would then feel boring and dull, especially if you are traveling alone. You have to do things that would help you pass the time and not make you feel bored when you are traveling. There are so many things that you can do on your train journey. Some of them are mentioned here.

Things to Do on a Long Train Ride That Are Sweet and Easy

1: Read a book/listen to an audiobook

Read a book/listen to an audiobook

When you are going on a train journey that is going to take a few hours or more then that is your free time to do things you want to and hence during this time, you can catch up with your books or audiobooks. You can use this time during the travel and get your book with you. This way you can spend your time doing something you love and utilize the time as well.

2: write in your journal

write in your journal

Journals are a great way to document everything. Your thoughts, your feeling, what you did and so much more. You can use the time available to you during your train journey and use it to complete your journal. You can also write about the things that you are seeing right now or can write about anything and everything. You can edit your journey if it is in an iPhone or iPad journal or can add more things to a physical journal.

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3: Play brain training games

Play brain training games

One of the easiest ways to pass your time on a train is to get some brain training games on your phone. These games have levels and are not that easy to play making them interesting and time-consuming. This is great, as you get to train your brain and at the same pass time and make your travel not so boring. This is one of the ways you can use the time and have fun. You can even go for simple and fun games that would make you feel excited and happy.

4: Meet new people

Meet new people

There are going to be a lot of people on the train. If you are comfortable with meeting new people and talking to them and they too are comfortable then you can have a nice chat with them. This way you get to meet new people on your journey and learn new things. You can get to meet new friends, your age mates, people older than you sharing their experiences and so much more. All this makes the journey beautiful and joyful.

5: Catch up with your shows and series

Catch up with your shows and series

If you are traveling alone, the time during the journey might feel boring and dull. This is the time when you cannot do much to entertain yourself but there are certain things that you can do to make yourself enjoy the time and use it. If you have a show or series that you wish to watch but because of your hectic schedule you could not do so, then this is the time for you to catch up with your series and enjoy your free time. Have your snacks with you and enjoy the series.

This list helps you in keeping the train journey fun. This way you would get your work done, your plans made, and so many things while you are on your train. Add more ideas to the list and go with them when you are traveling by train. There are going to be so many ideas that you can use and make the most of your train journey. If you are a student, you can even complete your notes or lectures or anything related to your studies on your journey. Do not make a beautiful journey into something boring and dull, rather look for ways you can pass time and make the time memorable. enjoy your travel.

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