Tips for planning your first European vacation on a budget

Planning a trip to Europe can be a pretty expensive affair, after all, it is tourists most favorite and popular holiday destination in the whole world. Owing to its worldwide popularity, Europe remains packed with tourists year-round. And due to the huge crowd it sees every year, the prices for food and accommodation surges like crazy, which automatically increases the expanses, leaving you with no choice but to drop the plan for a European vacation, especially when you’re on a budget. Planning a trip to Europe on a budget feels like a dream, which once was true at some point, however, with the recent changes in the last few years, planning a budget European vacation is not hard after all. You don’t have to go all out with the budget to ensure that your European vacation goes smoothly, with a few tips up your sleeves, you can easily save a lot of money whilst also making sure that you have a funfilled time on your vacation.


Travel off-season

The first key to ensuring that you spend your vacation in Europe within the budget only is to travel during the off-season. This is the best thing you can possibly do while planning your European vacation. It’s no hidden fact that Europe is visited by huge flocks of tourists every year and it most particularly remains crammed with tourists during the peak season. The airfare and hotel rents are surged drastically, which might not be good news for your budget. Therefore, instead of planning your trip during the peak season like anybody else, try sticking to the off-season when airfares and hotel rents are relatively lower.


Use cheap airlines to fly within Europe

There was a time when flying within Europe was only possible for wealthy or business travelers. However, things have changed now and so has the fares of the airlines. You no longer will have to be reliable on buses or trains to travel within Europe, availability of budget airlines make it easier for any kind of traveler to travel across different countries. This is a great way to save up your money and time. You can check the websites to find the best and cheapest airline option for yourself.


Keep a check on food cost

Finding accommodation at a lower price or booking a flight for a cheaper rate won’t be enough to cut down the expenses. The food here can be pretty expensive too; therefore, you should keep a check on the food cost, because one heavy food bill can completely ruin your budget. While there are plenty of options for enjoying food at relatively lower prices, you can also use certain ways to make sure that you don’t spend too much on food. Most accommodation in Europe offers free breakfast, which is usually included in the price of the room; therefore, make sure that you grab the first meal of the day for free. Some restaurants or cafes may also charge extra for sitting at a table, therefore, you should keep yourself open to the idea of a picnic.


Choose the less-traveled destinations

Although Europe is usually considered a pretty expensive continent to visit, some parts of the continent are much cheaper than the others. Therefore, you should stick to the places that are less traveled and discovered, so that you can find more value for the money. Always do thorough research before planning the trip and shortlist a few economical destinations that won’t cause any strain on your budget. This way, you won’t only get to spend your European vacation on a budget but will also help you discover a hidden gem within the continent.

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