Top 5 Natural Escapes in Sri Lanka That are Remarkable

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean packed immensely with the natural landscape and great food culture that you will dream about for days and days. Whenever you plan to visit this part of Asia, you must include the natural reserves that speak volumes of its rich heritage and scenic vitality.

Visit these 5 destinations in Sri Lanka an ultimate enthralling experience

1. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach

This beach is counted as one of the top beaches in Sri Lanka because it rolls out many different options for its tourists. First of all, the weather is umami, second, the palms and blue waters are sparkling to the eye. Third is that the surfers have the best time feeling the ocean waters. For people ready to hang out with friends preying on fish friends, don’t worry, your definition of hangout is on the list too! The area around the jungle beach is quieter and wildlife makes frequent visits too.

2. Elephant Orphanage

Elephant Orphanage

The heaven of these gigantic yet compassionate beings, this orphanage safeguards the glory of the country. The vast expanse of the reserve is suited well to the needs of the big-eared friends. Come have a look at their enormous groups and their friendship, their beautiful and playful maneuvers in the mud and play with them too! The place also has its infinite playgrounds and spots where they eat, drink and wrestle!

3. Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak

Like the name, the conical tip of this peak, also called Shri Pada (meaning a sacred footprint), is a famous elevation in the land of Lanka which has more cultural value attached to it. Locally, it is attached to Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and is worshipped immensely, given that is the state religion. The mountain is eccentric, giving it a ‘real’ edge amidst low-ranking hills that are no way near to its appeal. The mountain has Buddhist shrines built over it that you must visit to mark the glorious end of your journey with much tranquility.

4. Yala National Park

Yala National Park

This one is an extensive Lankan National Reserve that has a lot of scope for outdoor activities apart from wildlife admiration. It is the most visited natural reserve in the country that has many exemplary wildlife members. If you admire nature and are frequently catching its glimpses throug