Top 6 Luxury Hotels in Dubai

A posh travel destination, Dubai is one of the most tourist visited places in the world where you wouldn’t witness many locals as you may come across someone who came by to enjoy and explore this magnificent city. The properties or the hotels are equally attractive and popular like the city’s natural and man-made marvels. It’s interesting how people flock from all part of the globe to spend a fortune and enjoy a king like holiday experience in this star city. Here is a list of top 5 luxury hotels and in Dubai you got to be in to enjoy life the king’s way-

  1. JW Marriott Marquis: located at the heart of the city and at easy access to the city’s popular attractions, the JW Marriott Marquis is the world’s tallest hotel with 76 storeys. Boy this is something eh! Find yourself among the clouds every morning you wake up. Well not literally but the top floor is some 1,164ft above sea level and lucky if you get a room there. Stocked with all modern amenities, the rooms and suites are just too inviting. Located near the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, the hotel is just 20 minutes away from Dubai International Airport. Enjoy heavenly flavors in 5 bars and 9 restaurants and class apart spa treatments.
  2. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah: well if you are fascinated about Dubai travels, surely you know this place. The second tallest hotel in Dubai and the fourth in the world, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is the only 7-star hotel in the world and it’s the building that resembles a giant snail. Along with its stunning structure and unique features, this 5-star abode is a perfect gateway to a luxe holiday. With incredible high end ambience and service, unmatched hospitality, you get to enjoy a Rolls Royce ride, terrace pools, helicopter trips, and luxury dining experience and of course a great escape to the private beaches. What else could luxury mean?
  3. Palazzo Versace Dubai: a few minutes’ walk from the Dubai Creek, the Palazzo Versace Dubai is a stark resemblance of a16th century Italian palace and what more, one feels like a king while enjoying a stay here. A marble marvel, this palatial luxe hotel has everything that comes under the cover of luxury. Enjoy the views of the Dubai Creek or stand there gazing at the flawless architecture and the marvelous antiques that adorn the palace. With unsurpassed hospitality, a good number of freebies to enjoy from, the hotel boasts 8 upscale and highly sophisticated restaurants and bars with spas and lagoon pools. You got to be here to realize for yourself.
  4. Al Maha: Dubai is one of the most enjoyed deserts in the world and this fact is equally true that people enjoy here without the least feeling that they actually are in a desert! Deserts have their own beauty and to explore this Al Maha is the best priority. Located at the vicinity of the Dubai Desert Reserve, this luxury resort is about 65 km from Dubai. Hop in to the desert enjoying schedule with Al Maha. Besides the elegant and luxury accommodation and insanely tasty food you can taste here, you can also unveil several desert related activities like desert safari, camel treks, falconry, horse riding and so much to the list to get the real picture of the traditional Dubai. One thing you got to notice here is that unlike the other luxury star line hotels, the Al Maha is plainly ornated something like living in some desert tents with all the luxe in the world.
  5. Armani Hotels Dubai: this insanely stylish and opulent hotel located some 10 minutes away from the Dubai Mall is a sheer picture of modern and elegant lifestyle. A popular fashion brand, Armani fused together with the Emaar Hotels and Group; this is some place you got to be. World class designs, mesmerizing interiors and decors, striking city view- all collectively forms your ideal leisure gateway and corporate trip. The rooms and suites are simply refined in taste and the authentic food served in 8 restaurants comprises taste and menu from around the world. A spa, a pool and a gym are among the other amenities included.
  6. Raffles Dubai: breathing right at the city’s heart is the Raffles Dubai, an upscale and highly sophisticated 5-star hotel about 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport and at close proximity to the city’s most celebrated attractions. Featuring chic suites and guest rooms, the interiors are highly trendy and grandeur. The spacious city viewing balconies and the unmatched level of comfort and hospitality that you’re provided, you can’t do without planning your next visit here. The award winning restaurants and bars serving authentic and delectable platter also comes with an option to order home grown Italian food and toothsome Japanese cuisine. A great range of spa treatments, an outdoor swimming pool and a fully equipped gym is what completes your hunt for a luxury accommodation in Dubai.

These amazingly luxurious lists of hotels are ones that you got to stay if you hit upon a plan seeking for a luxury stay in Dubai. Which do you decide to pick?

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