Top 6 Spots for Couples in Ontario

Ontario is famed for its vivid potentialities and blessed serendipity. This makes this province of Canada worth visiting because there are numerous options available for tourists of every type. Let us see what draws people into Ontario (ON).

Here, are 6 most-loved spots for couples in Ontario

1. Blue Mountain Ski Resort

Blue Mountain Ski Resort

The Blue Mountain Ski Resort sits enclosed by hilltops and is blimming by a small waterbody nearby. The resort is surrounded by lively shrub-green patches. The mountains appear green but early morning, it turns blue. During severe temperature drops, all the greenery is covered with snow, and only the mountains and the resort live off some hue supported by yellow lights. The mountains turn blue and mysterious. All in all, this resort offers a satisfying stay to its customers in love while constantly reminding them of nature’s bliss.

2. Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal presents long romantic walks and skiing options (when the water freezes). In summers, the man and the wife can take long romantic walks along the canal’s length, enjoying the picturesque view of the city with tall lush trees packed with different shades of green and ochre. While you do so and lose track of time, you’ll witness the unsurpassed view of the setting sun and glittering water. At night, treat yourself to a romantic dinner date with your partner amidst the thick of street lights.

3. Niagara Skywheel

Niagara Skywheel

Get ready for a dreamy experience with this skyscraping shiny sky wheel ride premised in a fun and bustling amusement setting for the fun-loving jovial couple. As you engage in such a thrilling ride, the view and lights overwhelm you. The shops and smaller rides will make up for a memorable trip as you go through the antiques and eccentric food stuff, sharing and caring for each others’ interests and turn-ons.

4. Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial Park in Ontario gives out the heaven on earth vibe. See for yourself! Beautifully blazing leggy maple trees with varied hues and intricate geological features inculcating scattered water bodies add to the park’s name. Brooks is calm and pacific in summers and effervescent in the wet season. Activities to be done here are endless, to name a few – biking, boating, swimming, h