What Should be on Your Mediterranean Shopping List?

The Mediterranean is a famously fresh haven of beautiful things that aren’t restricted to one place but are spread across 3 continents and 20+ countries. It has seen the most terrific wars, cultural intermingling, nation-building, and the birth of modern socio-political concepts. It will be a beautiful trip in the region where you will experience many different flavors one by one and also find synonymous features.
When in Mediterranean countries, you can find many things that you would want to take home, souvenirs or otherwise. So take note of the following things so that you don’t miss out.

Things that should be in your mediterranean shopping list

1. Olives and Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Olives and Extra-virgin Olive Oil

No matter where you are shopping, you will unmissably find authentic bottles of olive oil that are indigenously prepared out of the endemic olives. You can grab hold of a few bottles for yourself and also tuck packets of olives for snacking at the hotel or creating dishes for yourself back home. You will get all the appreciation for your skills as an amateur or a professional cook when you are backed by this powerful ingredient!

2. Ceramics


What is the sea without its sand and silt? When you are in the most prolifically creative region, you can expect a diversity of pottery culture that travels in its variations across countries and you are instantly tempted by the painted ware. Greek pottery, Majolica pottery, Iznik pottery, Nile Clay pottery, Sejnane pottery, Maiolica pottery, etc. are among the famous pottery styles that are indigenous to the Mediterranean coasts.
All of them with a unique flare!

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3. Leather Products

Leather Products

Tourists love to shop in places that are strange to them, especially the items that will ease their hunting, bags! We all know how diverse bags are in their build, style, and capacity. Here, leather products are counted as a ‘must-buy’ product. If you savor fashionistas, your love for great footwear, handbags, and jackets will reach its peak here. The high-end brands based in Italy and France will give you tons of options to shop from, for yourself or your loved ones.

4. Cheese


There is no Mediterranean for its delicate cheese! This region combines the goodness of its fodder and the natural abilities of the livestock with indigenous techniques to create soft lumps of a variety of cheese that you will, for sure, fail to find anywhere else in the world. Italy with its Parmesano-Reggiano, Pecorino, and Mozzarella cheese; Spain with its Queso, Greece with Feta cheese, and France with Brie and Camembert have become significant partners of the local cuisines.
And they shine brighter than any other ingredient because they are aged just right!

5. Pickles


The magnanimous varieties of pickles found across the countries in the region are surprised to see and taste. There is one for every type of eater. You can shop for the following types:
• Pickled turnips with beets
• Pickled gherkins
• Pickled cucumbers with coriander and bay leaves
• Pickled olives
• Pickled cucumbers, shallots, carrots
• Pickled shallots
• Pickled garlic
You will have the greatest stock of pickles for many days to eat and savor or maybe to gift as well!
You are sure to live a fulfilling visit when you come to any of the Mediterranean countries. You will come to know how much they have simple living and simple tastes in their lives. The creative side of West Asia, the luxury side of Europe, and the colorful side of Africa make up a beautiful synthesis of products that will keep any tourist hooked and become a spendthrift. If you are eager to fill up your cart with the most extravagant things, come and join the tourist parade in your favorite destination!

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