Wonderful ways to make the most of your time in Ghana

Situated along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is one of the shining stars in the whole of West Africa. The nation boasts of wonderful paradisiac beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and exotic wildlife that are often spotted in one of their many nature reserves. Additionally, Ghana is also well known for its rich history that involves ancient kingdoms and traditions. The people of Ghana are extremely friendly and believe in providing the best hospitality to the tourists, which makes the entire experience a lot more exciting and full of warmth.

The country is filled with a plethora of lush rainforests, cheerful festivals, lively markets, and plenty of other things that are sure to make your stay in the country a lot more amazing and worth remembering for a lifetime. No matter how you choose to spend your days in the country, with all the things that are offered here are sure to meet all your needs and interests. However, to give you some idea on how you can explore Ghana in the best possible way, we have listed a few things that you must do when in the country.


Explore Cape Coast Castle

It’s no hidden fact that Ghana has had a rich history and the best way to witness the important events that happened in the past is by visiting the cape coast castle. Ghana’s cape coast is dotted with several ancient castles and forts that were used to carry out the slave trade. Of all the castles, the cape coast castle is one of the largest and important buildings, which is a must to see. Besides that, Elmira castle is also a must-see attraction and both the castles offer an informative tour of the entire building and the ground.


Explore and Shop Accra’s local markets

Ghana is home to several lively and colorful street markets and one of the best places to gain such experience is by visiting Accra’s local markets. Accra is a city full of life with a vivacious energy that is often reflected through its lively street markets. Makola and Salaga markets (open-air bazaars) are a few of the best spots to indulge in some shopping. To be able to get things for cheap, make sure to work on your bargaining skills so that you can grab some of the best deals on items like souvenirs, fresh produce, local art and craft, and much more.


Course through a canopy walkway at Kakum National Park

Admire the beauty of Mother Nature by visiting the most visited park in the country, Kakum National Park, which is home to more than 40 mammals including elephants, monkeys, rare birds, endangered antelopes, buffalo, and much more. The park features a tropical rainforest that lets you soak in the beauty of nature in its best state. However, the highlighting feature of this park is a 1000 feet-long canopy walkway that is suspended high above in the air, which lets you discover the fascinating flora and fauna of this park. Take a guided tour of this place to get a better understanding of important plants and wildlife as well.


See the King in Kumasi

Kumasi, Ghana’s second-largest city, is a wonderful place to visit that offers you a different perspective of the country. It is the former capital of Ghana’s Ashanti kingdom and Ashanti are well known for their artisan culture, who specialize in gold jewelry and trinkets, kente cloth, and carved wooden stools. The carved wooden stools are extremely sacred to them. Also, make sure to visit the Manhyia Palace Museum to see and meet the current king of Ashanti, he is known to make an appearance every 42 days.


Enjoy the safari at Mole National Park

The best chance you have to get up close with giant forest elephants is by visiting Ghana’s largest refuge, Mole National Park. It is home to some of the most exotic animals ranging from buffalo and elephants to hyenas and rare antelope and if the luck is in your favor, then you also might spot a leopard. You can also enjoy bird-watching in this park, which features more than 250 types of bird species. You can also book either a foot safari or traditional game drive, where you will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide.

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