World’s Most Laid-Back Destinations To Travel

Serene Sunset, peaceable cityscapes, soundless towns, amicable places, quaint panorama, and close to nature feel we all look for these when planning our vacations, right? Our hectic lives, chasing targets, meeting deadlines, daily toing and froing, stuck for hours in incessant traffic bounds not only our minds but also our souls. Dwelling in the frenzied and buzzing metropolis we all long for a laid-back trip at least once in the year where we can unwind our stresses and reconnect to our soul. And these are the world of good reasons to convince yourself you need a break.

A break where you can transform your perspective, make new interactions with places, people, and above all with you and rejuvenate your lost souls. Our eventful lives make our world restricted but the world is a big ground full of surprises that can etch your mind with an indelible experience.

Here, we have picked the most laid-back places to hop on, away from the usual crowd and daily grinding. From relaxing beaches, captivating waterfalls, and echoed mountains, and small-town feel cities, and one-on-one with nature we have fetched them all. Keep Reading!


Explore the World’s Most Biodiverse Country Costa-Rica

Costa-Rica is bestowed with the best of nature you could have ever encountered. The place is profoundly rich in natural wealth, varied species and ecosystems, miles of forestland, and national parks and wildlife refuges. All of this makes Costa –Rica a perfect getaway. We can assure you, you haven’t stumble upon nature as closely as you would in Costa-Rica’s dense forests. With living in forest lodges to wandering like nomads it’s the best version of nature. If you are a thrill-seeker you can engage in plenty of adventurous activities such as hiking trails, whitewater rafting, Volcano expedition, counting the distinct species you can spot at the national parks, and wildlife refuges.


Ubud, Bali

Bali has become quite a tourist hotspot lately and for all the good reasons. It lives up to all the hype. Being an Avant-Grade traveler’s choice who wants to seek everything from one place, Bali definitely deserves a spot. For the buzzing city life, you can hit to the main towns of Bali but since we are all about rewinding ourselves Ubud is the ideal spot. It is one of the most tranquil places in Bali. As more of the traffic rush to the energetic cities, Ubud is the place away from that hustle and bustle.
Ubud offers you true nature, adventure, rest, and rejuvenation. A refreshing spa, treks, enthralling water tours, would be a retreat to self.


Davao, Philippines

Home to one of the highest mountains in the archipelago, Mt. Apo, one of the prevalent Philippines’ islands, residence to the renowned Durian Dome, Davao city is a perfect getaway. Being the main central city of Southern Philippines still, the place renders a perfect small-town feel. The southern Philippines have an overwhelming score of beautiful destinations that are worth exploring. A sojourn over here will unfold you to an amusing escapade to beaches, waterfalls, sizzling food, and coral life.


Da Lat, Vietnam

Sitting at a high elevation of about, 1500 meters above the sea level, Da Lat is a serene and picturesque destination with the mild temperature all year round that makes a perfect ideal destination for relaxing tourism. The opulent pine forests, the magnificent waterfalls, the yellow fields, and Marigold, all of them have crafted a heavenly destination.
The city is a perfect balance with neither too crowd nor utter silent, a very lively and pleasant highland for a laid-back trip. Besides the natural landscape brimming all around the city, the Summer Palace, the cock church, and ancient design buildings there is a lot on the Da Lat menu to explore.

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