Eat Your Way Through Food in Mexico City

Mexico City is famous for its unique and figure-licking cuisine which is popularly known as Mexican Cuisine. Mexican Cuisine is an important aspect of the culture and tradition of Mexico City. The choices of types of food items are endless in this city. From street food to Michelin Star restaurants Mexico offers its foodie travellers with everything they might want. This city is a foodie’s paradise and is renowned for its delicious and authentic cuisine. You will not leave disappointed by this place, especially the people who love seafood, tequila and tacos. Mexico is a great place to travel and enjoy delicious and mouth-watering dishes. If you visit here, then do not forget to try out these food items to make your trip worth your time and money.

Mexican Food Guide

1. Tacos


Tacos are included in the everyday meals of Mexican people. They are the most popular food in Mexico and are available in all sizes, shapes and flavors. They are eaten daily by many locals. Tacos are made of tortillas wrapped around some filling. The filling might include meat, vegetables, grated cheese, and any type of sauce. The filling can be customized according to your preferences so that you savor every bite of your taco. The Mexican way of eating a taco is with hands, they are a go-to snack for many locals of Mexico City.

2. Quesadillas


Quesadillas are honestly my favorite Mexican food. ‘Queso’ means cheese and ‘illa’ comes from tortilla therefore the word quesadilla is formed. Quesadilla is made of only two ingredients which are cheese and tortilla which are either grilled or fried until the cheese is melted. This dish is very simple and is very delicious and popular in Mexico. Through the years the dish has evolved a lot. Quesadillas originally are only made of cheese and tortillas but with time people have started experimenting with them by adding vegetables or meat, some even add different sauces according to their taste.

3. Enchiladas


Enchiladas have been the favorite of local Mexicans for ages. Enchiladas are rolled corn tortillas with some filling covered in sauce and cheese. The first and foremost step in making enchiladas is preparing the tortilla. The tortillas need to be dipped into the chili sauce before being filled and baked. The filling and cooking style of these enchiladas is what makes them interesting. The filling could be of vegetables or meat, and the meat can be cooked in several ways including fried, baked, grilled or sauté. The vegetable and meat filling does not matter as much as the cheese in your enchiladas. The last step is to bake it and enjoy every bite while it’s hot. In Mexico, you can see enchiladas being enjoyed on the streets like Americans enjoy their hotdogs from street vendors.

4. Gorditas


Gorditas are Mexican-style sandwiches and are worshiped in some parts of Mexico City because of their taste. These are simply sandwiches made of tortillas shaped like a pouch that can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. The tortilla used could be either a corn tortilla or a wheat tortilla whichever one you prefer. They are very versatile, and you can customize their filling according to your preference, some of the traditional fillings include beans, cheese, guacamole and salsa. They make a great snack or appetizer for people who have a taste for Mexican cuisine.

5. Burrito


Burritos are a perfect pick for any go-to meal, as they are very fulfilling and delicious. Burritos are sealed cylindrical tortillas wrap around filling made of various ingredients. The main ingredient of a burrito is rice. The rice is cooked and a filling with cooked rice, vegetables, meat, grilled cheese and any sauce is made. Burritos can be found in restaurants and also on roadside stands.

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The vibrant tapestry of Mexican cuisine is a symphony of flavors, colors, and traditions that captivates the senses and transcends borders. From the zesty salsas that dance on taste buds to the hearty tamales that tell tales of history, this culinary journey through Mexico’s diverse regions has unveiled a rich heritage deeply rooted in culture. Mexico is not just a city with beautiful views but it is also a city with exquisite cuisine. Mexico offers you the food of top-notch quality and taste. Honestly, I can list many more Mexican dishes because the options are endless and they all taste good. The combination of various flavors and ingredients is done very wisely. Now that you know about these famous dishes so do not forget to try these when you visit Mexico City.

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