Greatest Greek Dishes That are Absolute Bliss

Greece is the jolting wave of emotions, through culture, history, or both. But the vibrancy of the place has got no match worldwide. It draws in tourists like the swarm of bees towards the fragrant flowers. But the land has more to offer than picturesque tourist spots. The food here is myriad of wheat, wine, and a splash of olive oil. This is done through the elemental Mediterranean kitchen of Greece that emphasizes simple flavors. So, when in Greece, do not forget to add the essential drizzle to your trip through these sweet and savory ecstasies.

The Best Greek Food That Is Pure Happiness

1. Moussaka


Moussaka is a savory combination of eggplants and minced red meat. It is a baked item, topped heavily with parmesan cheese. Big slices of eggplant are layered on one by one with minced meat fillings and seasoned fairly well with oregano, garlic, bay leaves, ground pepper, onion, and red wine. The juicy insides are purely gooey and melt in the mouth. The steamy insides and the soft crumbs of cheese sauce create a saucy deliciousness on your plate.

2. Bougatsa


The Mediterranean favorite filo pastry sheets are brought to use to make the soft and plump pastry. Bougatsa comes filled with the warmth of sweet semolina custard prepared from scratch when prepping the dish. The focal point of the dish remains in its filling. On top of your cut from the large cake, you will find generous amounts of powdered sugar sprinkled along with cinnamon. You can have this as your ultimate dessert after a heavy meal. Yummy!

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3. Kataifi


This one is a marvelous delicacy of Greece that is found rarely somewhere else. By the very look of the dessert, you can deduce the expertise of the chef preparing it. The delicate fine shreds of kataifi sheets are rolled into balls and on the inside, it preserves a plethora of different sweet factors like pistachios, cinnamon, almonds, and egg whites. These are well baked until some hint of brown is present.
The magic comes in with flowy sweet syrup that covers these crispy loads of fun. Truly divine in texture!

4. Feta Me Meli

Feta Me Meli

As the name suggests, the dish fancies some good feta cheese, the favorite of Greeks. Filo pastry wraps in the beloved of the people and is baked ferociously to make the cover crunchy and flaky. Sweet garnishes all over, like the pistachios, sesame seeds, and a drizzle of honey comes confounding to the first timers as the salty feta inside awaits a bite of love too.
Feta Me Meli can easily be a side dish to your main course or your favorite breakfast option while you stay in Greece.

5. Gyro


The love of the sea is infused gravely in every bite of Gyro, a Greek staple. What is served here? A plate has rolls made out of pita bread and delicious cuts of baked meat (made with the same love as meatballs). What you will love is the combination of different flavors derived from tomato, lettuce, yogurt salad, cucumbers, and onions for extra crunch. In a hurry? Grab a gyro!


We know well how heartening Greek cuisine is for they serve the rawest and untouched versions of cooking styles so developed in Europe. Because of its geographical proximity to the sea, the locals here prefer to preserve the natural flavors of the home-grown vegetables and meat. So, you will see less processed food and more reliance on freshly baked stuff. If you want to bring the most awaited change through your diet and begin relishing the true versions of food, you must visit Greece and play with its various colors of food! Enjoy your trip!

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